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Lactic Rush

Tough just got TOUGHER… as this year’s event has seen a huge increase in entrants we have decided to use the larger (some might even say harder) Fallout course that we normally use in the winter!

What do you do on a Sunday morning? Lactic Rush entrants will be doing a 7 mile XC run that will take in more than 30 obstacles that will see them wet and muddy from the start!

Any doubt about the race?

This was posted on our facebook page on May 14th last year by Daniel Yardy:

“Brilliant day yesterday!!! Great course, well organised, really enjoyed it… definitely up for some more!!”

When is it?

12th May 2013 – start times are staggered and registration opens on the day at 8am.

Race Photography

Mel Fordham Photography will be capturing those glorious moments of pain for you to purchase. A link to his gallery will be emailed, placed on our website and facebook after the event.

What do I need to know?

Full race details can be viewed by clicking the ‘RACE DETAILS…’ button below. They will also be emailed to all entrants a week ahead of the race.