Joining Open


Welcome To Adventure Race Essex


Anyone who wishes to take part in any of our cycling, running or swimming events must first be a registered member of our club and have signed the personal injury liability waver. This is because our instructors need to be free to do their jobs without the fear that they could be held personally liable for any injuries sustained by competitors. All of our instructors hold Discovery Personal Training Diplomas and have full health and safety awareness training, but there is always a risk of injury in any sporting activity.

Why Us?

If you’re wondering what you have to gain by joining us, the sports we do here are not only fun, but extremely beneficial to your health. Our cycling training is great for building your leg muscles and lower body strength. Our running training and foot races are excellent for building stamina, endurance and cardiovascular strength. Our swimming drills are an excellent all-round workout because they exercise every muscle in your body, something which can be said about no other exercise than swimming.


Our cycling team is the best amateur cycling team in the UK, as evidenced by the fact that ten members of our team finished in the top twenty of the Great North Bike Ride in 2014, eight people in 2013, and thirteen people in 2012. Our successes in the Great North and other prestigious amateur cycling races is owed to two things: the excellent training provided by our experienced instructors, who are themselves former professional or amateur cyclists, and the effort and dedication of our male and female team members who take time out of their lives to train with us throughout the year.